Strategic Management

In addition to conducting research and evaluation activities on behalf of our clients, we also perform studies for capacity increase in order to allow them perform needs analysis and evaluations. Thus we help them shape the planning, organization and operations which will carry the decisions that transform from strategy to action to success. We focus on designing business plans and developing strategies for the companies’ success. In the area of Management Consulting Services, we are able to provide the following services:


Business Review

Business review for existing bank customers (non-compliance)

Business review for new funding

Preventive Business review

Reengineering advisory

The whole of the reconstruction activities conducted according to principle of
organizational development that are necessary for adapting to changing conditions and recovering from the entropy impact.

Along with a strategic analysis, we provide counseling services needed for companies when identifying their present states and goals, and reconstructing accordingly.

Marketing Communications

Providing communication services

Preparing sector oriented analysis reports for market evaluation.

Organizing B2B Meetings to determine possible local and international business partners

Determining suppliers and planning the supply chain

Creating sales channels

Organizing distribution and service channels