Corporate Finance

Cratone guides clients through the structuring of either the sale or purchase of a company- the entire process is designed in a way that meets the client‘s individual requirements and expectations in order to best devise the optimal structure for the transaction. Such a transaction will also be meticulously implemented with our help. In the area of Corporate Finance advisory services, we are able to provide the following services:



Investment Advisory

Acquisition of businesses

Sales of businesses

Finding a strategic or financial partner

Management buy-outs (MBOs) and leveraged buy-outs (LBOs)

Mezzanine funding to ensure the company’s growth

Refinancing own resources in the form of mezzanine

Structuring Transactions

Effect of increase or decrease in net capital assets of the company

Optimizing the structure of funding to maximize the value of its shares

The effect of cross ownership between the various entities forming the group

Transfer of assets to a major shareholder

Project Finance Advisory

Consulting on project financing

Financing through a bank loan

Securing the financing through a bank loan; other types of senior or mezzanine financing

Export Credits & Supplier Credits Advisory

Enhancing access to affordable finance for SMEs in developing countries.

Developing bankable proposals

Managing relationship of bank, insurer, exporter and importer

Supporting access to cheap source of financing in Europe